Meet Our C.A.R.E Ambassadors!

C.A.R.E. Ambassadors are volunteers that work with the community to promote Creativity, Advocate for social change, support the many pathways to Recovery, and Empower individuals and their communities to know that they matter and they can make a difference.

Our communities benefit immensely from these passionate leaders, who give their hearts, time, and resources to our mission and we cannot thank them enough. Many of these wonderful people  are working artists; painters, musicians, life coaches, yoga instructors, print makers, writers, crafters, healers, and more. We want to support their livelihoods and passions, please click their beautiful pictures to learn more about them and see how you can connect with them and their work!

Amber I.
In addition to being the executive director of R Creative Collective I am also a facilitator at a self- directed agile learning community in Charlotte, NC - ALC Mosaic. I love to connect young people with the community and the arts. If you are interested in connecting with kids at ALC Mosaic or connecting with RCC email me at
Lauren K.
Jane R.
My mission is to connect Humanity, Love, and the Universal Energy that resonates at our core. My purpose is to be an active participant and open channel to connect these common threads of love, acceptance, compassion, and creativity. Connect with me at
Travis M.
Leanne G.
Sara J.
Jakia M.
Leanne F.
Sage C.
Dawn D.
Thomasson B.
Danielle Freeman is a graduate from UNC Charlotte. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in May 2015. She majored in English with a minor in Journalism. Danielle is passionate about writing and has dreams of becoming a Public Relations Consultant. She is the co-creator of Girl Pioneer - lifestyle blog.
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