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Art Therapy v. Creative Expression

At the core of it, art therapy is the use of visual arts as a means of making a medical or clinical diagnosis. It assumes that there is a problem or illness that has to be fixed or cured and uses visual arts and interpretation as a way to identify what's going on. Art therapists use visual art interventions to focus on and reveal the psychology of a client. Then the art therapist, usually together with the client, interprets the symbolism in the client’s artwork and helps the client make connections from the images in the artwork to the client’s emotional issues.

On the other hand, Creative Expression facilitation or consultation is oriented towards the life affirming and healing qualities of creativity for everyone. We use creative expression approach because we believe that everyone is in recovery from something; life can be hard in a multitude of ways and having non-judgmental, low stress, creative ways to work through those challenges is key to building resilence against the things that life throws at us.

Creative expression is a multi-modal approach that encompasses all of the arts; visual art making, movement, writing, music and drama. The process of making art and the inherent structures of the artistic mediums furthers a person’s ability to communicate.

At RCC, the job of workshop guides is to foster an atmosphere of acceptance and safety which allows the participant to enter the unknown and explore all aspects of their expression. We work to create spaces where a person’s expressions are not judged or evaluated by any confining institutional ideas of what wellness looks like.

Our workshop guides, do not offer therapy, the nature of allowing someone to tap into their own creativity is therapeutic itself. Our guides invite the client's personal responses to their creation by providing encouraging, accepting and affirming space for honest self-expression.


Visual arts: painting, drawing, collage, sand play, clay, mandalas Music: drumming, singing, toning, music-making, listening Writing: journaling, creative writing, haiku, poetry Movement: dance, authentic movement, yoga, martial arts Drama: improvisation, storytelling, role playing

If you are interested in self-discovery, gaining clarity or exploring your creativity, check out our upcoming events, workshops and classes.

If you have talents or an interests in helping to lead others in activities/ workshops in any of the above categories, please reach out to us.

Engaging in the creative arts relieves stress. It is rejuvenating and improves our brain function. It helps us to quiet our minds and be present in the moment. Art roots us, heals us, and connects us to a means to express our most primal need to communicate and play. Playing in the arts stimulates creativity in all areas of our lives.