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Our Dear Friend, David

Updated: Mar 31, 2018

Artists Recovery Movement is so humbled by David Boyle. He is not only an incredible friend and ally in our initiatives, he is an extraordinarily gifted artist. He is the awesome creator of our logo and a dynamic member of our community.

We were introduced to David by our dear friend Hannah Blanton of Sozo Gallery. A woman with the soul of an angel who you will read more about in an upcoming post. In meeting David, he not only blew us away with his work, but his kindness and patience are inspiring. As our relationship grew, he connected ARM with NAMI Charlotte and currently is the arts liaison between our organizations. He is an advocate for NAMI and for Mental Health Awareness nationally.

He first reached out to NAMI Charlotte in an effort to further his education, and today he teaches a class at Central Piedmont Community College. His class offers creative services to individuals with mental health and behavioral issues. “The Psych” is an exhibit that showcases the beautiful work done by each student and opens the door to a long overdue conversation within our communities.

David’s work and easy going nature have created a shift in how mental health is perceived in our community. It sends a message of hope and empowerment through innovative and creative coping mechanisms. By providing a voice to what is all too often misunderstood, he helps the unfamiliar gain a perspective free from stigma and full of enlightenment.

-Lauren Kestner