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Recovery isn't a bad word (a poem)

Updated: Mar 31, 2018

Recovery is healing. Recovery is repairing and mending and learning and relearning.

We recover from pain, trauma, loss, missteps, love; life.

Recovery is a journey, it's not something achieved in 90 days, it's not the absence or avoidance of, it's not a chip in your pocket; it's getting the chip off your shoulder, dealing with the chink in your armor.

We recover from the things that happened to us and the decisions we've made.

Recovery is filling the void with beauty, not destruction. It's construction without a blueprint.

We recover from the circumstances created by our disorders and illnesses. We learn to live health, sustainable lives with our disorders and illnesses.

Recovery is for those who want it, who work at it, who stumble and fall, but best of all keep going. Recovery is growth, its finding new solutions to old problems.

We recover from toxic people, environments, and ideas.

Recovery is not giving up, it's getting up when you've bottomed out.

We recover from ourselves, we recover ourselves.

Recovery is not a bad word.

We recover.



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