Artists Recovery Movement is now R Creative Collective!

We Are RCC
We Are R Creative Collective

We are very excited to announce that Artists Recovery Movement (ARM) is now R Creative Collective (RCC)!

Since our start in 2016, ARM has rapidly grown from a small group of individuals with a mission that provided creative expression workshops for individuals in recovery and has evolved into a larger network of volunteers, professionals, and community partners that have continued to offer these extraordinary workshops to the community at large. In our short history, we have served close to 400 individuals in various recovery and community centers in North Carolina.

In the past few months, we have also acquired two spaces in the small business incubator Area 15, located at 516 E. 15th St Charlotte, NC 28206. Please join us on May 5th, 2018 12-3 pm, for a Rebranding and Opening Reception of R Studio Gallery (suite 10C) and Rise Boutique (suite 11D)!

This growth and expansion has offered many amazing opportunities and has also come with some challenges; one of which was our name. We have been, and will always remain, an organization that believes that everyone is in recovery from something. We recognize that the word “recovery” can be viewed differently by different people and hope that as a collective we can reduce stigma and overcome barriers that perpetuate division and isolation. We are dedicated to inclusivity and strive to embrace everyone’s recovery, healing, and discovery through self-exploration. Our hope is to unite and work together through diverse and resilient voices shared on authentic platforms.

Our new name is derived from the desire to be a multi-media arts organization founded on the mission of creating space and providing innovative outlets for those in search of well-being, growth, and community through creative expression.

RCC’s focus remains with those with lived experience in adversity. We will continue to provide creative expression workshops to recovery communities and underserved populations. Our expansion offers more opportunities for engagement and participation with the general public. We also love working with, and supporting, local artisans and entrepreneurs.

You will notice the change in our name, website, and other details in the following days. Please help us in sharing these developments & spread our message.

Thank you so much for your love and dedication to the successes Artists Recovery Movement has made to empower our communities through creativity. We are elated to take these next steps with everyone and look forward to continuing our work together under the banner of R Creative Collective!

With Sincerest Gratitude,

The RCC Team